I figured I would start off with this amazing image that has always fascinated me.

My mind has always fluctuated back and forth between the analytical and the creative, for as long as I can remember.  And so it is only fitting that I use it for the first post on this blog.

I am going to be discussing a multitude of subjects.  I have tried in the past to stick within one “genre” of topicality, but my mind just can’t help wanting to think about a lot of other subjects.  So I will be talking about a great variety of things, to include: Books, Writing, Intellectual Thought, Microcontrollers (Arduino and Raspberry Pi), Golf, and much much more.  You may even get some subjects that don’t seem to make much sense.  And that’s….okay. (H/T to Stuart Smalley)

I would love it if you all would comment at length about anything that inspires you, from any of the posts I put out.  I will talk a lot more about me and my life, as the days/weeks/months progress, so don’t worry if you are only getting a sip, for now, from the fire hydrant.  Every so often I like to just open the valve all way, and that’s when it gets fun.

So welcome aboard!!