Happy to say that I will be taking off for a writing retreat in a couple of days.  I have been needing some time away, with everything that has gone on in the last year.  I had a week-long retreat about 10 months ago, but that was just me and not myself and my wife.  So getting away from everything and just relaxing and having everyone cook for us and provide all kinds of time to read and write, will be awesome.  I’m really looking forward to the time away.  Hoping to recharge some batteries and perhaps make this a more than once a year thing.  We shall see how things work out.

But first!!!  We are playing in a charity golf tournament to support a local private high school, tomorrow.  We played in the inaugural one, last year, but I was just a couple months away from a meniscus tear that required surgery.  I was in a lot of pain.  But now I am relatively pain free in that knee and the time spent with my golf coach over the last couple of years, is really starting to pan out.  I’ll spend some time talking about him and my “coaching” in a future article, to be sure.

I should get back to a more regular frequency of blog posts, in about 10 days.  Until then,  have fun and stay safe!

See you soon!!