The above image is exactly where I have been for the past week.  What an amazing time!  7 days of no internet and tons of conferences, Q&A’s, one-on-one’s, group stuff, plus having dinner with 150 of your now-closest writing friends.  Simply an incredible time.  I’m already signed up for next year’s cruise.

I would have to say the single most crystallizing moment for me, happened on Friday when my wife and I were in one of the bar/lounge areas called the “Olive or Twist” (excellent play on words), and I was working on the last third of my “Sand People” novel and I happened to catch myself all bright-eyed and smiling.  I actually felt like I had life back in my eyes again.  I even said something to my wife, and she mentioned that she hadn’t seen my eyes like that for a long time.  I feel rejuvenated.  As if years of craziness and heartache were finally lifted.  Was an amazing feeling that has yet to cease.  And I hope it never does.

So I am hoping to make good use of this and continue in my writing ways, both with my own projects and with this blog.

I look forward to sharing all of this with you.

See you soon!!!