We have a Hurricane bearing down on us for the weekend.  So what better way to use the time that will be spent indoors, then to work on finishing up my “Sand People” novel.

While on the cruise, I was able to finally outline the last third of my story and even got some time to free-write the climax of the story.  I will need to take some time and make sure I get the run-up and the after-stuff done alright, but after that I should be able to get the story in position to get to the run-up and then get the story finished.

On top of the work I got done on “Sand People”, I was able to start in on some pre-writing and free-writes for “Nowhere”, as well as pitch some ideas in a 1-on-1 with one of the instructors on the Retreat, who is an award-winning author in her own right, concerning my story “A Knock at the Door” which is really going to be a departure for me and I am excited to get to writing it, in due time, probably sometime mid-to-late 2016.  I have a massive revision/re-write of “Sand People” that has to have a full set of notes to send it off to a developmental editor, who has been waiting for my book for almost 2 years now.  Poor lady, having to deal with all the garbage that has been in and around my life since I first asked if she would look at my work when it was done.  She has really been faithful about making sure that I still have a spot in her timeline for me to sneak in, once I’m done.  She will be getting a big thank you in the acknowledgements, for sure.

And if this wasn’t enough, it’s October…which means that the NHL Hockey season is just about ready to start.  I am a HUGE Detroit Red Wings fan, and I am really excited for the upcoming season.  A lot of our younger players are really stepping up to take a predominant role with the team, so far.  It will be interesting to see how the team functions with a new coach and the addition of some needed pieces that have been missing for a few years.

The entire NHL season should be awesome.  I am running two leagues, this year, for some friends, so I have two teams to keep my attention fully on the season.  Looking forward to the autodraft for those leagues, tomorrow.

That’s all for me, tonight.  I look forward to letting you all know how the draft(s) went for me, and the progress on my novels.

See you soon!!!