Today is a great day, for one single reason.  The NHL regular season has begun and hockey is on tv almost every day from now until the middle/end of June.  For 8-9 months out of the year, fans, such as myself, sit enraptured in front of tv’s and mobile devices cheering on our favorite teams.  For me, my favorite team is the Detroit Red Wings.  I grew up outside of Washington, D.C. and most people think I should be a Capitals fan.  I am, in a way, and even had partial season tickets for a few years when the arena was in Landover, Maryland.  But now I spend the equivalent of one ticket to a Montreal Canadiens regular season game, for an entire year’s worth of hockey.  I can suck back on it, like drinking from a fire hose, or I can just enjoy my favorite team, or watch one of my favorite players for a night.

Tonight, my wife and I watched the Canadiens (her favorite team) take on the Maple Leafs (the “forever rivals” of the Canadiens) in the first game to start the regular season.  It was thoroughly enjoyable to watch and my wife was happy because Montreal won 3-1 and her favorite player (Carey Price) all but shutout Toronto, if it hadn’t been for a puck that deflected twice to get past him.  Them’s the breaks, though.  One of the other things that helps to make the season enjoyable is our being a part of a Fantasy League.  We don’t do it for money, so that makes it more enjoyable.  We play with 15 of our friends in two separate leagues. I run both of the leagues and have a team in each.  We play for bragging rights, as well as the extra excitement of following players and teams that we normally would otherwise just say, “Good for you” and not think twice about.  I have been doing Fantasy Leagues since High School, so yeah…almost 30 years (Wow…really? *sigh*) and I have just always enjoyed the way it helps to keep track of a season just a little more than I would if I didn’t have a team going.

I can’t wait for my Red Wings to play, starting on Friday, and I’m really looking forward to this season in general. Detroit usually has a very solid team and is looking to make the playoffs for the 25th consecutive year.  Longest in any major professional sport.  Next closest is the San Antonio spurs, who I remember the first of their 18 years (back when the NBA was more about basketball), when they made the playoffs with David Robinson and Sean Elliot.  Blasts from the past, I’m sure.  Anyway, I pretty much only follow Hockey and the Baltimore Orioles for baseball. I barely know who the other players are in Baseball.  I have been a fan of the Orioles since I was in Little League, when the team was playing at Memorial Stadium and bleacher seats were $5 or less per game.

You’ll no doubt hear more about hockey, and probably see some amazing videos of sick plays made by amazing players.  I can’t help it, and having moved to Canada and lived there for 7 years only made my passion for the game that much stronger.  You haven’t seen passion for a sport like Canadians have for hockey.  It’s quite amazing to see.

Anyhoo….If you have a favorite team, let me know what it is!  Always love to talk hockey with other folks.

See you soon!!!