I have not been feeling well, as of late.  I started coming down with a bug or something on or around Tuesday and still haven’t shaken it.  But the downtime has given me time to rest and try and get some energy back.

In the midst of all this, I was listening to a talk, of sorts, that Brandon Sanderson was giving at Google a few weeks ago, during his recent US book tour to support the beginning of a new trilogy of books, buidling off the already amazing “Mistborn” trilogy.  While there was a great many things said, the one thing that really stuck with me was something that he said while on the Writing Excuses Cruise, as well.  Namely, that he loves what he does…writing.  As someone who aspires to be published, and is also a writer, this really struck both a chord and a nerve with me.  It struck a chord with me, because I too love to write.  But it struck a nerve because I seemingly don’t love it nearly as much as Brandon does.

And so I am venturing to resolve these disparate set of feelings that I have, over something so seemingly innocuous.

One of the things that gives me some comfort is knowing that I have done this before with Golf.  Having spent literally 1000’s of hours of time at the Driving Range or on the Golf Course, I have a veritable wealth of experience to draw from.  So long as I keep a proper perspective to all of it.

I just need to allow my brain the ability to remember how much I have always enjoyed writing and really get down to the idea of loving to grind out a story as much as I enjoy grinding out a change to my golf swing.  I just have to learn to assimilate certain feelings from Golf and transfer them to my writing.

I have always imagined having a filing cabinet full of stories that I have written.

Maybe it’s time to stop imagining the filing cabinet is full, and start filling the filing cabinet (Let’s just forget that I don’t actually have a filing cabinet, yet.)

See you soon!!!