NaNoWriMo.  A literary bloodbath that people subject themselves to for the 30 days of November.  Fifty Thousand words in 30 days.  Extremely daunting for many as they look to this time of year as a form of Lenten practice, as they hide themselves from the world and bury themselves inside a story hoping that they can write a story that has any semblance of readability to it.

My wife and I seriously attempted this maybe 3 times in the past 8+ years of marriage, succeeding in hitting our goal only once, back in 2012.  And we are considering giving it a run, again, this year.  Health may have some say in all this as we are both fighting a prolonged cold or something, as well as our normal arthritic issues.  She will need some help, in the next couple of days, to see if she can get her story ready to write, before Nov. 1st hits.  And I…well…I have to decide what story to work on.  I really need to finish up my “Sand People” story, but I won’t need 50,000 words to finish it, so that would mean having another 50,000 word story that isn’t finished and having to figure out what to do with 2 unfinished stories.  I might just finish to the end of “Sand People” and then see if I can immediately jump into “Nowhere” or perhaps some other story that I haven’t though about yet and get my word count that way.  A daunting task to be sure.

If any of you are ever interested in attempting this feat, you will know that you are not alone in your endeavor.  There is a very large community of folks at and they are all interested in helping you to get through this journey with the best tool available…encouragement.  They are normally a great group of people to be around and can help to motivate you to write faster and for longer periods of time than you thought you might be able to.  It’s quite an enjoyable experience.  And it has the added benefit of being around people who share the same kind of literary passion as you might have.

I will probably see if I can figure out a way to do NaNoWriMo in a different way.  I like the idea of sitting down with some folks once a week to see if I can drum up some good motivation.  Besides, we have a new library opening up either today or tomorrow!  Would be nice to break it in and get some good word counts going so I can finish off “Sand People” and get it out for editing.

But for now, I am going to finish off watching “Mr. Holmes” on iTunes and call it a night.

See you all soon!!!