I am really happy to report that I spent meaningful time in developing and writing, this past week.  The medication and exercises, have been helping me to sleep better.  Now my body is starting to recognize the sheer lack of sleep I have been dealing with for the past three years and so there are days where I will sleep 11 or 12 hours and still be pretty tired and ready for bed 10 hours later.  My body will eventually adjust and I will continue to gain energy and mental acuity and strength.  Which is awesome.  I have definitely felt better, mentally, than I have for awhile.  Now I just need to continue working every day to get some kind of word count and continue to develop the “Nowhere” story.  I have some solid characters for it and even switched the protagonist after realizing that the original protagonist was better served being a part of the story, rather than the main focus of the story.  It just makes the story stronger with having even more fully developed characters and the first few scenes will probably be used, but rewritten from a different point of view so that there isn’t any confusion by the reader as to who the main character is.

My reward, this week, for my efforts, was to be able to watch Blizzcon from the comfort of my own home.  I have been a gamer since I was introduced to computers almost 40 years ago.  From the early days of Cave Adventure and Crush Crumble Chomp to the current MMO’s and FPS games, and everything in between, I have always had an affinity for gaming.  In fact, my wife and I met through an online gaming guild.  So it is something we both enjoy in our own unique ways.  I actually help lead a 10-ish man raid once a week in World of Warcraft, so that is always an enjoyable thing to work on every week.  We obviously aren’t Mythic raiders, but considering we got such a late start on raiding with this particular group, I am very happy with our 10/13 progress. It’s a nice group of folks and I have made friends with a few of the people I raid with.

My wife and I are pretty excited for the newest expansion for WOW, Legion.  We watched both days almost from start to finish on our TV being Chromecast from my computer, and she was particularly happy with the closing concert with Linkin Park, as it is one of her all-time favorite groups.  She even said if she could get her health better, that she would love to go to Blizzcon, next year.  We’ll have to see when it is and if it conflicts with the Writing Excuses Cruise that we are already committed to, for next year.  It would be awesome if we could go to both, but we shall see.

Okie dokie, that is where things are at, for now. I’m hoping to post about once or twice a week, schedule permitting, to let you all know the status of my writing and anything exciting going on around here.

See you later!!!