I went to start on some writing, today, expecting that I was going to be working on developing more with “Nowhere”, but instead I decided to see what I could do with “Sand People” in an attempt to get that out of my hands and to the editor.  I ended up changing the flavor of two of the characters.  I didn’t like where it was going, and so in my revisions (later) I will have to make that work.  It’s really not a huge issue to deal with. I just need to make sure I keep track of it in my notes.

Which reminds me, that I need to make a “Notes” document for “Sand People” so that I can have it ready to go off to the editor with the first draft.

The image in the header is a working “thematic” image for the town of Naejen, a bordertown that is on the edge of the desert/mountain area in the Kingdom of Southwald.  I needed something to reflect some of the intricacies of the “world” that the characters are living in.  As things evolve and solidify, I hope to share more of these images that I am using to help shape the story and its setting.

See you soon!!!!!