I’ve spent the last week or so preparing for the onslaught of cooking that is done in preparation for a single meal, on one of 3 holidays where my family gets together and has a full-out multi-course meal.  My mom’s mashed potatoes are made with precision that we know she would give her approval for, as well as some new ways of preparing things.  Cranberry sauce is done in the normal fashion, but this year we are doing a different preparation of rolls, as well as new (to everyone else) recipe for preparing cabbage…well…Brussel Sprouts.  Pumpkin pies have been made, the turkey is brining and will hit the oven around 10am so that we can make it over by about 3pm, with supper to be served around 5pm, perhaps a little early.

Like all other times when we spend an inordinate amount of time on things, we are giving ourselves a forced vacation away so people can’t harass us.  It always winds up better than we expect, simply because we get to sleep in and don’t have anything to clean up or whatever.  Other people cook for us, and we might even catch a hockey game or two, in person.  I’ll give you all the details when we get back.

As far as my writing is going, I’ve been working on getting everything sorted and put together, so I can finish up “Sand People” in the next little bit and get that sent off.  I am expecting to actually get some scene work done, while we’re away.  And then when we get back, I’m going to start spending some concentrated time on getting.  I started partitioning my time a bit better, starting this week, by doing a bit of a social experiment on myself with social media.  I used to have Facebook pop up automatically when I opened my Chrome browser, and I noticed that I would invariably keep going back and checking to see if anyone was doing anything cool or funny, all the while realizing that I wasn’t doing anything cool or fun.  So I decided to take it off the auto-load and only open it once or twice a day and just run through things and then close it again.  It’s amazing how much of a time suck that can be and I didn’t really notice it.  But, thankfully, I am pushing that a little more towards the utilitarian application that it is supposed to be, and a lot less about wanting to know what everyone is doing at all times of the day.  Time to start having more things for me to talk about by having accomplished the things I want to get done.  So far so good.

So I will get this published up and up on the blog, so you can enjoy it or comment on it.

I wish you all a great Thanksgiving and I will see all of you soon!!