I have been late in getting out posts to all of you, but I assure you that I am alright.  The issue with my neck is such that there are good days and bad days, now, as I began my rehab last week.  When I have good days, I try to get some writing done or whatever chores need to get done.  Between my wife and I, things have been slow to get done around the house, especially when you count cooking meals for family, Christmas decorating, and then accounting for reading time, game time, and spending time with each other.  There are just a lot of priorities that require time.

I had expected that things would level off in a few days, maybe a week, but since it has been almost 2 weeks without anything from me, I felt like I needed to let people know that things are just fine and that I should be able to get back to this with a little more frequency.


One of the things that I am looking forward to getting back into, is my love for music and just spending some time listening and letting my mind go.  Currently, I am listening to Linkin Park’s “Burn It Down” and writing this blog.

Music is an interesting part of my life that began when I was 8, 9, or 10, perhaps earlier.  I remember it vividly that my parents got a new record player and stereo with like 3-4 foot tall speakers.  My parents stood me in the acoustical center of the speakers, had me close my eyes, and played Dvorak’s New World Symphony really loud.  It was simply amazing and affected me more deeply than I could have imagined.  To this day I owe my imagination and creativity to this moment in time.  I was allowed to understand that music is as much a medium of sensory harmony, as it is a story told from the heart of a composer, and that there is almost always a story behind a song or a piece of music.

I recently was discussing my writing with the therapist who is helping my neck/back problem and she marveled at my ability to come up with different stories.  I didn’t know how to respond to that, other than to say “Thank You.”  Honestly, I think I simply allow my brain to go off course more often than most people do.  I know a fair number of people who seem to live “on the rails” of life and don’t deviate from the things they do.  And, honestly, I feel sorry for them because they never experience life.  They live to work, or they live to be a part of a group of people considered to be “safe”, but what they miss out on is the rest of the world and what it offers.  It’s so amazing to live in another culture, another part of your own country, or even a new part of the world.  I think that being “on the rails” has really hampered what it means to be a human being and our understanding of one another.  If we aren’t on the same train, or, in some cases, in the same rail car, we can’t understand who that person is.

Sometimes it’s good to derail and see what is beyond the tracks.


See you soon!!!!