There are two things that I have been waiting on, since they were announced a few months ago at San Diego’s Comic-Con.  The first is the return of the X-Files, and the 2nd is a new episode of Sherlock.  My mom, God rest her soul, got me interested in Sherlock Holmes when I was 12 years old, when PBS aired the ITV Granada series of Sherlock Holmes with Jeremy Brett starring as Sherlock Holmes.  41 episodes over 10 years and I couldn’t wait until the next one was to air.  Eventually, I picked up the Conan Doyle book which has all of the cases, and not just the 41 that PBS had aired.  I swore undying loyalty to Jeremy Brett as the best Holmes ever, and I still do…but with some reservations.  Until the latest version (and not the Robert Downey Jr or the Faux-Holmes of “Elementary”) of Sherlock Holmes arrived, I had been extremely snobbish about my love of Jeremy Brett as Holmes.  Casting aside the Basil Rathbone’s, Christopher Lee’s, and Peter Cushings, for the man who could singularly capture the great detective whose powers of observation were as great as his inability to live within the confines of an everyday existence.  Nobody displayed the passion, and the psychological repercussions thereof, as boldly and as well as Jeremy Brett.

And I still do believe him to be the greatest in portraying that in Sherlock Holmes.  But I also believe that Benedict Cumberbatch’s “evolution” of Sherlock Holmes is amazingly terrific.  And tonight’s episode, “The Abominable Bride,” was just another amazing episode.  I won’t spoil it for anyone, because it still fresh for all to see, but the bits and pieces scattered throughout the episode are the efforts of some really amazing writing, writing that I aspire to.  I just haven’t pushed myself enough…at all, really.  I feel like I have great stories in me that I don’t even know exist.  And I want to get them out.  This is the year I start to get them out.  It’s time.