On an interesting note, this June is the 25th anniversary of my graduation from High School.  Sort of.  I did graduate, according to the norms and guidelines set forth upon my entrance year into the Public High School System, which required me to have 20 credits to graduate.  Back at that time, you only attended 5 classes per day and not the 6, 7, or more, that teenagers do today.  But as the years went on, the school system changed around me to the point that in my senior year, and incoming freshmen needed 24 credits or more of classes to graduate.  I didn’t have to, and I even had 21 credits.  So I had what I needed to graduate.  But!!!  I didn’t earn a diploma.  As it turns out, I failed the last 3 years of English, while only going to summer school to get the credit for 2 of those years.  I had had enough of schooling and just decided to let it be for a bit until I realized that job applications looked more favorably on those who had a High School Diploma or a GED.  So I went and took the GED and passed with flying colors in half the time allotted to me to complete the test.  This, I am sure, nauseated all of my former teachers as well as my parents.

To even be involved in the literary industry in any way, must have my former English teachers spinning in their graves (may they rest in peace), as I am sure none of them could have anticipated how my life would turn out.

But having not really payed attention much in class (aka, I never really read much, if any, of the assigned reading and more than likely failed to participate in any of the book discussion), has left me with a bit of a hole in my education as it pertains to the craft that I am wanting to master.  So from time to time I will take a class in writing or read a book on the subject.  I have learned a lot from this, but occasionally I find things that I have no idea how to do that seem really trivial.  For instance, Scene Structure.  I know, basically, how a scene is supposed to work, but I feel like I have a lacking in my ability to “craft” scenes that really operate well within the context of the entire story.  And not being able to write scenes in the way I want, I really feel like I am at a disadvantage with my every day writing habits.  I don’t have any real way of creating scenes around the outline of my book, or just in practice to help advance my writing ability.

As in all things I encounter that I am unaware of, I am going to attack it with vigor and find the best way, for me, to get better at the things I feel I am not as good at.

Interestingly, this is the one skill in life that I am grateful for having gone to college for.  I learned that if I didn’t know something that not only did I have a skill set to find out about things, but also the ability to learn something completely new and be able to adapt it to how I operate.

And, yes, graduating from College probably also made my old teachers spin just a little more in their graves.


See you soon!!!!