Hey Everyone!!!


Just wanted to drop a line and let you all know that I didn’t leave or die or anything like that.  I’ve actually been spending a great deal of time going over the notes from my critique and that has pre-occupied my mind enough for me not to have enough time to write out a blog post or two, when I normally would have enough time.

I am really excited to be on the list to Beta read a new book by a friend of mine, Traci Loudin (www.traciloudin.com) .  I have Beta read for her in the past, for the book that she currently has in publication, “The Last of the Ageless”.  I wasn’t able to spend all the time that I could have on it, due to my mom’s failing health, but was really excited to see that she has a new book that she just finished her 2nd pass on and I will be able to help her with that in August, right before the new WoW expansion comes out.

Between now and then, I am hoping to finish off the first full revision of my “Sand People” book, and get that out for editing for hopes of getting that out for queries to publishers and/or agents.  If I don’t get a lot of traction on it, I may end up self-publishing it.  But I also hope to be able to take some different writing with me to the Writing Excuses Cruise and Writing Retreat, in September.  I haven’t decided what I want to work on next.  So many exciting possibilities at this point, that it will just take some time to figure out which one to do next.  At least now I know a little better how to deal with writing rough drafts and the revision process.

In fact I wrote a Google+ post about it, that I want to re-share here:



I just want to preface what follows with the following: I love working with an editor. They are a great source of wisdom and they are working with your best interest in mind. I love my editor and would recommend her in a heartbeat to any serious writer. She has taught me the greatest lesson that I have learned to date.


So, I initially sent in the first 50 pages of a story that I have been working on, for critique to a professional editor. The critique notes were copious and really good. It took me a solid 3-4 weeks to not just digest them, but distill them and have enough of an idea in my head of how to proceed, so that I could make a revision just to the prologue of the story.

I then sent the prologue out to a bunch of friends and family to see what they thought, and they all really liked it. So I sat down and began to start working on the first chapter or so…and I got the sense that I should send the revised prologue back to the same editor for analysis.

Got the notes back on that, this morning, and I was right to do so. I am both relieved that I did, but at the same time I’m like, “I don’t wanna revise it again!!!!!! You can’t make me!!!”

Never again will I ever complain about writing out the rough draft of a story. Just write the stupid thing and get it done. It will make sense to no one but yourself and will need several revisions and a bunch of polishes just to get it to the point of being beta-reader worthy.

Have fun with your rough drafts. Explore your world. Explore your characters. Explore the great story ideas you came up with. But just know that the revision process will take you a lot longer to complete than the original rough draft will. At least for probably the majority of us.

And that’s okay. The revision process will make us better writers and, hopefully, will reduce the number of revisions needed as we write more and more stories.

Neil Gaiman had it right in his Nerdist Podcast. And I knew he was right when I heard it for both the first and the 1000th time. A lot of the time we just need to experience it for ourselves to ingrain it. But if you’re the type of person who can ingrain ideas without the need for experience, then hopefully my experience will make you a better writer.


Thanks again for frequenting my little neck of the woods!

See you soon!!!