Hello. My name is Joe Adams and welcome to my homepage covering all the various things that I enjoy doing. First and foremost, I am a Catholic. This permeates a great deal of what I do, in life, and how I approach things. But, as you will see, I have a great deal of varied interests. To include: Cooking, Microcontrollers (Arduino and Raspberry Pi), Golf, Reading, and Writing.

I currently live in Northern/Central Virginia (depending on who you ask and at what time of the day or year it is), with my wife who was born and raised in Canada. We lived there for seven years before we moved back to the area where I was, essentially, born and raised. We have lived in the US for almost 2 years, now, and are still figuring out how our life is going to go on most days. My wife suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as having neurological damage in her right leg which has resulted in drop foot. I too live with chronic arthritis, of which variety we are uncertain. We know, currently, that it is at least osteoarthtritis. We are both seeing the same neurologist to try and get a handle on our bodies as we continue to advance in age.

I hope you have enjoy this blog and it’s many various subjects that I will endeavor to cover.